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Electric Brewery Build

Some of the build documents and pictures from our electric brewery construction

Early diagramming and planning
 Electric Sketch
Electric Brewery Sketches - Electrical Diagramming

 Piping connection sketch
Electric Brewery Sketches - Piping Connections

 Fittings are attached by silver solder that was flowed by propane torch
 Inside view showing solder flow
Inside view showing solder flow
 Fittings attached (some were later changed)

 We then wrapped the keg in insulation
John wrapping the keg with insulation

 Fittings poking out from the insulation
Fittings barely poking through the insulation

Completed and cleaned up insulation work
Keg all insulated, insulation trimmed, and taped down

 Building the control panel
Building the control panel

 Completed panel ready to test
Completed panel ready to test

 First test fire
First test firing

Demoing the equipment during our first brew day
First brew day, John demonstrating and explaining the build

Upgrading to camlock fittings
Camlock fittings from dp brewing company

Upgrading to a pump and giving it a test!
First test with the pump

In use, brewing a stout back in ~2017

Brewery assistant dog, Summer 2019

Brewing Summer 2019