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What's on tap! The new brews

Want some beer? Most things are available in either 12oz/20oz bottles or can fill/exchange growlers!
Please collect/hold onto empty bottles and return occasionally, so I can get them cleaned/sterilized and refilled to be made available again!
(BYOG or one of ours)
Please drop off in advance to "decontaminate" and clean. I'll get filled within a couple days, and we can get them porch dropped back! If you already have 1 of my growlers, please return ASAP once empty :)
If you have a growler, and want to do another, can always do a milk man style porch swap, leave your emtpys out and we'll grab and leave a full in it's place

What's pourin, what's coming up, next brews
 Beer NameBeer Type (Links to BJCP style guides)DescriptionABV (appx)IBU (appx) KegBottledGrowlerUntappd Link 
 Saison  Farmhouse yeast flavors  YesYesYes 
  BarleywineStrong malty beer, aged ~2 months so far.9% 55 YesYesYes  
Nutter Butter Imperial Stout Imperial Stout  Ryan's 2019v2 Imperial Stout aged on a package of Nutter Butter Cookies12-13%  40 YesYesNO  
 Blueberry Jalapeno CiderCider  Louisburg cider fermented fairly dry with red ripened jalapenos and blueberry drink syrup. Sweet heat w/Apple finish5% YesYesYes 
KAWling v3 Imperial IPA Mike's famous IPA based on Boulevard's "Calling" 8% 80 YesYesYes 
  Wee Heavy    Not yet Not yet Not yet 
 Scottish Heavy     Not yet Not yetNot yet  
 Milkshake IPA 1/2 lb of hops whirpooled into this hazy IPA sweetened with 1lb of Lactose   Just brewed
 KAWling v4    Brewing soon    

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